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On Friday 6th December 2013, Liveline’s Fiver Friday returns.
Joe Duffy’s Liveline on RTÉ Radio 1 came up with a simple but effective idea to help businesses across the country in 2011. Fiver Friday asked people to spend an extra €5 with a local business, retailer or supplier in an effort to boost turnover and save jobs. Businesses were invited to offer a Fiver Friday deal of their choice to encourage customers to spend their money locally. From a small idea grew a big campaign, with hundreds of businesses getting on board.

To support the same, we are giving out €5 hosting for the first 5 applicatoins for a year on our Linux Hosting, for upto 5 pages.

* Setup is free, but for extra pages, charges will apply.
* Designing the site is not included.
* Domain Registration for 10€ (.com, .org, .net) and 75€ (.ie, documents to be provided)

Fill in the form below. And applications received on 6th December 2013 will only be considered.
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