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IT EventsCRM Acceleration Event 2012     

CRM Acceleration Event 2012

CRM Event 2012

Reserve Your Seat for CRM Acceleration Bangalore, Mumbai & New Delhi


How are successful companies implementing CRM solutions? How do you achieve 5X+ for every dollar you spend on CRM? How important to your business is the conversation your customers are having on social sites? Why is Customer Service the NEW revenue model? Should Marketing carry a Sales quota? Discover a new framework for how successful companies think about CRM through the expertise of SugarCRM's key executives.

Drawing from years of experience working with companies of all sizes on CRM initiatives, SugarCRM maps the steps companies must take to build successful customer relationships and demonstrates how to avoid the most common pitfalls around CRM initiatives. At its heart, CRM is a strategy that demands a clear understanding of a company’s current conditions; CRM Acceleration arms you with tools for setting clear, quantifiable measurements to understand where your company is today and where CRM will take it in the near future.

CRM Acceleration is an exciting fast-paced 3-hour event that offers business leaders a chance to learn, network and swap ideas with SugarCRM and SugarCRM's Top Partner in Asia - Bhea.

Attendance is complimentary but registration is limited!

What to Expect:

  • Understand the future of CRM, and how Social CRM can transform can your marketing, sales and support teams.
  • Hands-on demos of SugarCRM, IBM SmartCloud and more.
  • Experience the benefits of Mobile CRM, and how it can be immediately applied to your business success.
  • Food, beverage, networking.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to get 5X+ ROI from your CRM!
  • Learn from case studies about local and global customers about their CRM best practices
  • An overview of the SugarCRM solution and how it makes CRM simple


  • Doug Erickson,
  • Jan Sysmans,
  • Erin Fetsko,
  • Indraneel Fuke,
  • Ram Kumar,
  • And more!

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Event Locations

  • Bangalore
    Tuesday, 19th June 2012
    Bangalore Registration
  • Mumbai
    Thursday, 21st June 2012
    Mumbai Registration
  • Delhi
    Saturday, 23rd June 2012
    Delhi Registration

Event Partners

IBM Event Partner

acton Event Partner

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